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Toni T Diep
2 min readFeb 18, 2022


Here is a progress update on building a markdown blog using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB code-along tutorial by Kyle of Web Dev Simplified on Youtube. In this blog markdown, we see the process in building each article card to display their “article.title”, “article.createdAt”, and “article.description”. Next is downloading the dependencies to start, then implementing bootstrap on the index file, and next testing the routes and root page. Below is a comic strip blog kind of update on my ‘aha learning moments.’ Most importantly, familiarizing myself on get bootstrap stuff and JavaScript. Once I have completed this code-long, the following process is to fully build-out complete web applications projects in JavaScript. I am excited to embark on this learning piece with my software engineering journey.

“mb” means margin padding at the bottom of “Blog Articles” to give it spacing.
The date displayed here are strings of integer values.
Now it is erroring that article.createdAt.toLocaleDateSTring() is not a function.
The dates finally appeared after implementation.
Removal of .toLocaleDateString() prints out the full date on the browser in this format. May vary per country of the user’s computer.

Thank you for tuning in. Will update next week, perhaps. Happy coding.

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